Why Us

All companies claim to provide a quality and professional service. However, in KCP' case this is reflected through the referrals from time after time. We believe that good relationships and trust are built up over time and must not be compromised.

We are located in the Hyderabad caters across India to attract the best Candidates and maintain close contact with our clients. KCP guides the Candidates continuously for Recruitment & Educational Services viz. finding a Right College / University overseas, payment of fees, locating suitable accommodation, guiding student’s type of food and availability, weather conditions with suitable clothing. We welcome you to our offices to join the KCP Community

What Makes Us Different -Multicultural expertise | Local knowledge | Global perspective
KCP is a multicultural business, with a multicultural client base. Our clients benefit from our multicultural approach, because every one of our consultants is deeply embedded in their local market. Their local knowledge is enhanced by real world experience beyond search. Our consultants know the reality of their environment in terms of business issues, implementation challenges and appropriate candidates -validating market conditions, including remuneration trends. Our global infrastructure includes a broad range of expertise across different industries, encompassing regional and local markets. This provides breadth, whilst we ensure that our colleagues can work in depth.

What We Do | Relevant | Committed | Results-Oriented
We make relevant connections between the right people and the right companies / universities & colleges in across Globe. There are excellent candidates across the world, but in this complex environment, only a few will truly be the right fit for the strategic direction of your business.

Every time our consultants take on a search assignment they are making a commitment that they will be available -in terms of both intellectual engagement and time; honest in their read of the market; and, no matter how challenging the assignment, they will deliver the results they have promised. This is the cornerstone of our reputation, so it doesn’t stop there. Our results-oriented methods mean that we always track the impact of our work, capturing reactions once a candidate is in the role, together withinformative client feedback.

How We Do It -Investigation | Collaboration | Teamwork.
We start with a comprehensive understanding of each of our clients. This means investigating the DNA of the organization –probing the culture, organizational values, business model and strategic goals of the business area and the enterprise as a whole. We collaborate closely with the client team, helping to define what they need in terms of the commercial context and the candidates who will shape the role to fuel their ambitions. We also team with our colleagues, leveraging each other’s expertise and exchanging perspectives on the industry from different markets. This helps clients to build diverse leadership teams that achieve results in a multipolar economy –a criticalsuccess factor for tomorrow’s organizations.

Our Key Features
We place high precedence in delivering our services on time with quality service. We assign dedicated teams for Global education services / Recruitment & we are consequence driven.

Code of Ethics
We represent some of the finest organizations in the Country and convey their values, standards and goals to prospective candidates
We are committed to providing our clients and candidates with periodic updates on the progress of the Process.
We are accountable and support our work with detailed documentation

  • We represent some of the finest organizations in the Country and convey their values, standards and goals to          prospective candidates
  • We are committed to providing our clients and candidates with periodic updates on the progress of the Process.
  • We guarantee our work and are committed to working with our clients until a work gets completed.
              We will not take on engagements where there is a conflict of interest
  • Our relationships with our candidates are held in the strictest confidence
  • We continue to strive for an environmentally friendly workplace.
  • We utilize the latest technology to minimize costs to our clients.

Why choose us

KCP has been Providing Quality in Education Services & end to end solutions to Recruitment

Our TEAM is highly trained, qualified and are dedicated professionals to ensure timely delivery

We will guide in preparation of documents viz. SOP, LOR’s, International Resumes

We are organisation which specializes in guiding students towards attaining global degree. No restrictionson applying to any number of countries or Universities

We provide the best counselling and give authentic and maximum information

Our office with fully equipped infrastructure / Focus on quality & 100 % transparency at work

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We are providing wide range of Consulting Services & World wide happy Clients