New Zealand

Educational institutions in New Zealand offer a wide variety of courses and New Zealand welcomes international students at all of its institutions. Students intending to study in New Zealand can be assured of achieving qualifications that are at a standard comparable to qualifications achieved in leading educational institutions in other parts of the world.

Advantages of studying in New Zealand
  • Globally recognized high quality education
  • Affordable Tuition & Living, NZ$ rate in INR is much lower than  AUD/ USD & other dollars.
  • Friendly environment & an English speaking country.
  • New Zealand is a growing economy offering increasing job opportunities.
  • Low unemployment ratio compared to most countries.
  • Quick applications & visa processing.
  • 20 Hours part time work allowed during studies & full time during summer holidays helping students  
  • Living Expenses

    The approximate annual living expenses are about NZD 15000/-, which includes accommodation as well as other daily expenses
    However, the expenses are different for different people depending on the lifestyles and this is just a rough idea.

    Do note the fact that New Zealand has the lowest cost of living among most developed countries.
    Work while you study
    Work Part time while you study

    Students enrolled in a full time course in New Zealand can work for a limited number of hours up to 20 hours per week during the academic year and full-time in all vacations.

    Work Permits for Partners of International Students
    The partners of postgraduate students can apply for a work permit valid for the same period of time as their partner’s student permit.

    Partners of some undergraduate students may also be eligible to apply for a work permit, if their partner has been granted a student visa or permit to study towards a qualification in an area of absolute skill shortage, as specified in the ‘Long Term Skill Shortage List’ available on the New Zealand Immigration


  • Working after studies and settlement options
    NZ is always welcoming people with skills, qualification and experience.

    Studying in New Zealand is a pathway to gaining permanent residence
    Most students that complete a valid course in New Zealand will be eligible for a Graduate Job Search Visa / Permit for a period of 12 months.  This visa allows the student to stay in New Zealand and work full time in a job relevant to the course they have completed. Once the students get a job they can either apply for extension of their work permit (generally for 2 years) or they will have enough points to apply for permanent residency.

    Students will gain bonus points under the general skills category. Points are allocated for age, qualification, NZ qualifications, work experience, NZ offer of employment, spouse qualification, work experience under skill shortage list, sponsorship by blood relative who are citizens or permanent residence of New Zealand etc
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